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Upgrade your order today to our Gold Package, which gives you INSTANT access to the audio book version of the Prolong Ejaculation Guide ($67 value) for only $10 more.

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Audio #1: "Lasting Longer During Sex Revealed"

I basically begged for this renound U.S. physician to do a special talk about how to gain sexual staying power in the bedroom. He's recognized as a serious authority on the men's sexuality and it took a lot of pleading, negotiating, and some begging, but he finally agreed to deliver the goods! This 25 minute discussion from the licensed medical doctor reveals the most up to date solutions for lasting longer in bed and how to become a sexual magnet that will drive your partner into a sexual frenzy! Your sex life will never be the same! Topics include lasting longer in bed, sexually pleasing your partner, and much more. With over 30 years of experience as a physician, sexual counselor, and therapist, he delivers the secrets that you won't hear anywhere else. This audio is valued at $47.

Audio #2: "Cheating Partners Exposed"

Have you ever wondered if your partner or spouse is looking "outside" the relationship? This is a 1-hour interview with the author of the book, "Cheating Spouses Revealed," and it's jam-packed with cutting edge techniques to discover if your partner is cheating or even thinking about it. He reveals the clues that they leave behind, the behaviors to watch for, and exactly what to do if you suspect an affair. Also discover the shocking secrets that they don't want you to know. Valued at $47.

Audio #3: "How To Sexually Attract and Date More Women"

Do you ever wonder how some guys can walk up to any beautiful woman and walk away with her phone number? That is exactly what this 27 year old "dating guru" can do. One of our staff members grills him for almost an entire hour on the secrets to attracting beautiful women and having more sex. He spills his guts and reveals attraction secrets that you can't get anywhere else. Follow his advice and you may be dating more beautiful women by this weekend. $47 value.

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The Prolong Ejaculation Guide
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Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed
Your Guide To Sexual Fantasy
Prolong Ejaculation Audio Book
Audio MP3 #1: Lasting Longer During Sex Revealed
Audio MP3 #2: Cheating Spouses Exposed
Audio MP3 #3: How To Sexually Attract and Date More Women
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